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Connecting La BOX

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The Monaco Telecom Internet BOX gives you Internet access and unlimited telephone access.

You can choose to install La BOX yourself by following this article or request the installation by a qualified technician by visiting our store.

Before starting


1- Connect the coaxial cable

Connect the coaxial cable to the E mark on La BOX as illustrated below.

Then, plug the coaxial cable to the appropriate outlet.


2- Connect the BOX to a wall outlet

Connect the coaxial cable to the F mark as illustrated below.

Connect the electrical cable to an outlet.


3- Turn the BOX on

Press the power button (G mark on the illustration).


4- Light control

After completing steps 1 to 3, check the status of the lights on La BOX.

The Online and Power lights must be a steady green.


Note: We recommend using a surge protector to protect your BOX from lightning.


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Connecting La BOX

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