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Changing the Wi-Fi Channel

What is a Wi-Fi channel?

Wi-Fi is a wireless technology which uses a limited part of the broadband to reduce interference from other devices.

Below is a list of the channels and associated frequencies of the ISM band (2.4 GHz) which are Wi-Fi-enabled:
Channel 1: 2,472 Mhz
Channel 2: 2,417 Mhz
Channel 3: 2,422 Mhz
Channel 4: 2,427 Mhz
Channel 5: 2,432 Mhz
Channel 6: 2,437 Mhz
Channel 7: 2,442 Mhz
Channel 8: 2,447 Mhz
Channel 9: 2,452 Mhz
Channel 10: 2,457 Mhz
Channel 11: 2,462 Mhz
Channel 12: 2,467 Mhz
Channel 13: 2,472 Mhz
Channel 14: 2,477 Mhz


Why choose a Wi-Fi channel?


All the devices connected to a wireless network must use the same channel to communicate. In wireless networks in infrastructure mode (using an access point), this depends on the channel set at the access point. However, most people keep the default channel, which means that several wireless networks use the same channel and share the connection.

For optimal Wi-Fi quality, the channel used by La BOX and your terminals (PCs, tablets, smartphones) must be set to the channel the least used in the neighborhood.


How to detect channels used by your neighbors

In the Wi-Fi menu, under 2.4G or 5G, click on Wireless Network.


Changing channel on La BOX interface

Open your browser and enter the following address:

When you first connect, on the home page:

Login: Do not fill this field.

Password: admin

Click on the Wi-Fi tab. 


On the Channel Selection line, select the channel.

Then click on Apply


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Changing the Wi-Fi Channel

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