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Optimizing your Wireless Connection

Wifi Hotspots 1

To optimize the performance of your wireless network, we recommend the following.

Selecting the right place for La BOX

Your BOX should be installed in an open area, and preferably high up. For optimal performance, it should also be close to your computer.

If your home has several floors, La BOX should be placed where it will be the most used.

What can disrupt a wireless connection?

Walls and partitions:

Material such as concrete, metal obstacles, and stone/brick partitions can reduce the performance of your wireless connection.

Your equipment:

  • Some elements can disrupt a wireless connection:
  • An operating microwave oven
  • Other wireless networks
  • A TV transmitter

It is highly recommended to place your BOX far from other radio wave-emitting devices.

How to limit the impact of other wireless networks?

If your home is surrounded by other homes, the waves emitted from your neighbors' wireless networks may alter the performance of your own network.

Changing your wireless channel may improve your Wi-Fi.

For more details about changing the wireless channel, click here.


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Optimizing your Wireless Connection

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