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Frequently Asked Questions Box UHD

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> What is a coaxial cable?
The coaxial cable is a transmission line or asymmetrical link used in high frequencies. It consists of two conductors. This type of cable is used to transmit high or low frequency digital or analogical signals.
> What is the purpose of bridge/passthrough mode?
Bridge mode allows you to assign your fixed IP address to a device on your local network. The other stations of the local network receive another IP address which is dynamic.
Passthrough mode allows you to assign a new public and dynamic IP address to one device on your local network. The other stations of the local network continue to use the fixed IP of your contract.
> How do I know if my BOX is synchronized?
The front of La BOX includes different status lights. When steady green, the Online light shows that you are connected to the network.
> What is the purpose of La BOX management interface?
The management interface allows you to control the status of the services and to set up your BOX based on your needs, such as the SSID Wi-Fi network name or the password.
> How can I control my Internet speed?
You can visit the site www.speedtest.net and select the city of Lyon for the fiber.info test. If the speed of your network seems slow, we recommend unplugging La BOX from the electrical outlet and reconnecting it to reboot the network. Once the services have restarted, you can run the test again.
> What should I do first when I have no Internet connection?
The first thing to do is to check the status lights, then restart your BOX and check the cabling. If the problem continues, contact Technical Support.
> How do I check the status of my wireless network?
Just check the Wi-Fi light on La BOX. If it is off, it means your network is disabled. Read the following article: > Enabling and Disabling the Wi-Fi.
> How can I access my mailbox from another computer?
You can read your messages from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection. Connect to the webmail (webmail.monaco.mc) , and log in to access your mail box.

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